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Checked WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) using AChecker.

Checked by the web designer JV at Limited Edition Design May 2020.

Known – and unavoidable – problems

A) Font Awesome uses “i” or “<i>” for their code. This is universal in web design and unavoidable. It naturally returns as an issue on AChecker (1).

B) Alt text for icons, functional or purely decorative aspects of this site: I have still added Alt text even if they are not required or duplicated on some pages. Some Alt text will naturally be duplicated without me knowing (1). This returns as an error on AChecker but could in fact be interpreted as incorrect/redundant. (2)

References and reasoning

  1. This site uses WordPress and some interactions with both WordPress, 3rd party plugins or indeed client editing can cause unforeseeable issues with this report. See A) above.
  2. W3 Alt decision tree