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New policy paper June 23

27 June 2023

The new policy paper on : ‘Constructing a framework to evaluate the SEND Green Paper plans’ is now ready to be downloaded from this website – go to policy paper page. June 2023

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We have relaunched the SEN Policy Research Forum blog!

6 April 2022

The Department for Education and Department for Health and Social Care have recently launched a new green paper and associated public consultation on their proposals for Special Educational Needs and Disability and Alternative Provision in England. See  ‘SEND review: right support, right place, right time’ for more information. The consultation closes on 1 July 2022. […]

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Understanding the rise in the diagnosis of autism in children and young people

16 December 2021

For a commentary by the Forum Lead Group go to the Policy Paper page and you can read and download this commentary.

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11 November 2021

The Forum conducted a survey of stakeholders’ views about the lessons from Covid based on the conclusions of the June Covid policy paper. The results show much alignment with the conclusions from the policy seminar discussion groups. You can access this summary on policy paper web-page.    

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Variation in High Needs Block allocations to English LAs

19 July 2021

Research commissioned by the SENPRF has shown that: There is continuing and considerable inequity in the levels of HNB funding allocated to English LAs, which cannot be explained by differences in need. LA systems that make greater use of specialist provision are likely to involve greater financial costs. Download summary from Policy paper page: 19.7.2021

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New lessons learned from Covid policy paper now released on this website

16 June 2021

The new policy paper on : ‘How are schools coping with the impact of Covid-19 on the teaching of pupils with SEN: lessons for schools’ is now ready to be downloaded from this website – go to policy paper page. June 2021

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New Covid policy paper

22 March 2021

The policy paper from the November 2020 seminar is now available to download from this website. Learning from the Covid crisis for educating children and young people with SEN / disabilities. Presentations  by Amy Skipp  (ASK Research) on ‘Special education during lockdown: Provider and parent experiences’; Sharon Smith (Parent Advocate) ‘Parents’ perspectives: what can we learn from Covid crisis […]

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Review of Research about the Effects of Inclusive Education: A Summary

18 February 2021

A review of international research about the effects of inclusive education: which has been done by some members of the Forum Lead Group (Gray, Norwich and Webster) and was submitted to the SEN Review group at the DFE is available to download from the policy paper section of this website. Feb 2021

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Recently released: new policy paper on Identification

20 July 2020

Trends in SEN identification: contexts, causes and consequences  Latest policy paper is available on this website It is based on a recent policy seminar which  addressed these questions: i. Are there shifts from an interactive to within-child model of identification? And if so, what are the factors that are contributing to this, ii. What are the changing […]

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