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SEN Policy Research Forum Exeter

We list below past research and commentaries that you can download:

  1. Research review: Effects of inclusive education 2020 (3 versions)

a. Shorter version

b. Longer version

c. DFE submitted version

2. Research survey 2021: Variations in High Block allocations to English local authorities. Alan Marsh, Peter Grey and Brahm Norwich

3. Summary of SENPRF Covid questionnaire results 2021

4. Commentary by Lead Group 2021: Understanding the rise of the diagnosis of autism in children and young people.

5. ‘What was required above all else was collaboration’: keeping the momentum for SEND partnership working in the wake of Covid-19′ : paper based on SENPRF Covid questionnaire results, Beate Hellawell, Julie Wharton and Sharon Smith, Br. J. of Special Education, 2022.

6. SEND Green Paper/Review: Right support, right place, right time: response from SENPRF Lead Group. July 2022

7. SENPRF Framework references to support SEN Policy Research Forum National Policy Framework for SEND & Inclusion May 2024