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Update re SEN Policy Research Forum co-ordination – and a huge thank you to Brahm Norwich

As some of you may know, Brahm Norwich has decided to step down as co-coordinator of the Forum, which he originally set up over 30 years ago with Klaus Wedell.


Brahm has been fundamental to the development of the Forum and has played a substantial part in organising our policy seminars, collating speaker write-ups and summarising group discussions, as well as developing the Forum website and member database. His academic status, conceptual breadth and up to date research knowledge, along with his extensive networks, have helped establish the Forum as a key reference point for those interested in policy on SEND and inclusion. He has always been keen to recognise and articulate policy tensions and dilemmas and find ways forward that have maximum consensus across the range of stakeholders.


He will be sorely missed. Fortunately, he has agreed to stay on as a member of our Lead Group and we will therefore continue to benefit from his knowledge and insights.


We are pleased to say that he is being replaced as co-coordinator by two existing Lead Group members, Rob Webster and Julie Wharton, who have both academic and practitioner backgrounds. I have been working with them now since September and they have brought new strengths to Forum leadership.


Sharon Smith, who hosts the Forum blog, has also agreed to oversee the website and we are hoping that this will continue to be used as an active resource.


We will be in touch shortly regarding our plans for 2024. The current national policy position and the prospect of a new Government having to address the significant challenges are likely to mean that this will be a busy year.



Peter Gray

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Penny Richardson
6 months ago

Thanks, Brahm, for all your work in the past. And thank you to Peter, Julie and Rob for your on-going commitment.

Sarah OFlynn
6 months ago

Thanks for all your work Brahm

Linda Lascelles
6 months ago

Brahm wow how the years have flown thank you for developing this Forum network and to Peter Julie and Rob.

Tim Nguessan
6 months ago

Thanks a lot Brahm for your contribution over the years, and I am glad you will still be around. I joined the forum only a few months ago and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in the near future. Thank you to Julie Peter and Rob for taking the lead. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2024
Tim Nguessan

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